About Ralph Sutton Art & Design


Artistic expression has always been Ralph Sutton's passion. An incredible freshman talent at Youngstown State University, he was accepted into the prestigious mid-year show at Butler Institute of American Art, one of the top 5 “museum shows” in the country. After graduation, Ralph taught advance courses in commercial art and advertising design at the University. He then opened an advertising agency in Youngstown; but, it wasn’t long before he moved to Hilton Head Island, SC, where he continues to specialize in graphic art and design.  

In the early 1990’s, Ralph created and ultimately patented a unique design process that transforms a two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional work of art, which is enhanced by its “shadow-box” frame.

When someone sees one of Ralph’s 3-D framed art pieces the response is always the same:

"Wow! Now that is really cool!" 

With over 15 years of refining and improving the 3-D design process, Ralph received patent protection in 2008 and established a solid foundation for Ralph Sutton Art & Design (RSAD).

The highly successful three-dimensional framed art is the cornerstone product of the company, having worked with some of the most iconic brands in the world like Coca-Cola and Disney.